A short(ish) four day tour from London to Paris over Easter to try and get my fitness back on track for a bigger trip later in the year, as well as providing a break from the monotony of the usual local routes (nice though they are.)

It was to be the first tour on which the navigation was delegated to my trusty GPS unit. I had been using a bike mounted GPS to record track log information for more than a year, but this was the first time I had relied on it do the navigation and it was an absolute godsend!

Despite the less than perfect weather and near constant headwinds this was a really enjoyable trip, if only because it totally dispelled my preconceptions of the French and their attitude to us Brits!

Every single person we met was exceptionally helpful and the courtesy extended to us as cyclists was amazing. Cycling through Paris at rush hour in the rain was a joy!

Day 1 Log London to Boulogne04/04/05121 KM121 KM
Day 2 Log Boulogne to Longpre-les-Corps05/04/05112 KM233 KM
Day 3 Log Longpre-les-Corps to La Neuville Garnier06/04/0593 KM326 KM
Day 4 Log La Neuville Garnier to Paris07/04/0579 KM405 KM
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