This trip is hopefully the first stage of a three part trip covering Europe from Nordkapp (the North Cape) to Sicily; it would be nice to do the whole journey in a single adventure, but there is no way I can get the time required away from work.

The original plan was to cover Scandinavia from Nordkapp to Copenhagen with a long stretch along Sweden's east coast. However, safety concerns resulted in a hastily arranged detour along Finland's west coast.  If you are planning a similar trip read how and why here.

I found the average of about 100 miles a day tough going at times, there are some long steepish climbs early on and even the later 'flatter' areas undulate steeply with infuriating regularity.

However, the weather was better than I expected (the North gets quite cold later on in the day) with only three really wet days. 

In fact my memory will be mainly of glorious sunshine and, another pleasant surprise, the wind blowing North to South for a good few days when I needed it (as evidenced by the grim determination on the faces of the cyclists heading the other way.)

Day 1 Log Nordkapp to Honningsvåg24/06/0570 KM70 KM
Day 2 Log Honningsvåg to Alta25/06/05215 KM285 KM
Day 3 Log Alta to Kautokeino26/06/05137 KM422 KM
Day 4 Log Kautokeino to Muonio27/06/05156 KM578 KM
Day 5 Log Muonio to Överkalix28/06/05218 KM796 KM
Day 6 Log Överkalix to Pithea29/06/05155 KM951 KM
Day 7 Log Pithea to Mickelträsk30/06/05178 KM1129 KM
Day 8 Log Mickelträsk to Vaasa01/07/0564 KM1193 KM
Day 9 Log Vaasa to Meri-Pori02/07/05207 KM1400 KM
Day 10 Log Meri-Pori to Stockholm03/07/05163 KM1563 KM
Day 11 Log Stockholm to Katrineholm04/07/05151 KM1714 KM
Day 12 Log Katrineholm to Vadstena05/07/05152 KM1866 KM
Day 13 Log Vadstena to Hestra06/07/05155 KM2021 KM
Day 14 Log Hestra to Angelholm07/07/05183 KM2204 KM
Day 15 Log Angelholm to Københaven08/07/0586 KM2290 KM
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