My first tour and the reason the web site was set up in the first place.  The site's original purpose was to help raise sponsorship for an unassisted charity cycle ride originally called the 'Anglo-Swiss Charity Bike Ride', after the nationalities of the two participants.

It was an unforgettable trip of a thousand miles on a pair of poorly equipped mountain bikes that raised over £1,500 for the National Autistic Society.

Once the tour was over the site languished unused for many months until I finally got round to chronicling some of the adventure for the benefit of anyone who might find our experiences useful.

The route maps and profiles originally posted on this site were updated in October 2006 (more than 3 years after the event) to use the more useful Google Maps data employed on the rest of the site.

However, whilst all the other maps and profiles on this site are taken from my GPS, these were plotted in TrackLogs using my original maps, notes and best recollection to plot the route. The new maps are a considerable improvement on the originals, but they are not 100% accurate.

Day 1 Log John O'Groats to Dornoch29/06/03141 KM141 KM
Day 2 Log Dornoch to Fort Augustus30/06/03123 KM264 KM
Day 3 Log Fort Augustus to Oban01/07/03128 KM392 KM
Day 4 Log Oban to Brodick02/07/03127 KM519 KM
Day 5 Log Brodick to Auldgirth03/07/03121 KM640 KM
Day 6 Log Auldgirth to Keswick04/07/03130 KM770 KM
Day 7 Log Keswick to Longton05/07/03138 KM908 KM
Day 8 Log Longton to Llanymynech06/07/03129 KM1037 KM
Day 9 Log Llanymynech to Monmouth07/07/03140 KM1177 KM
Day 10 Log Monmouth to Street08/07/03108 KM1285 KM
Day 11 Log Street to Chulmleigh09/07/03119 KM1404 KM
Day 12 Log Chulmleigh to Wadebridge10/07/0396 KM1500 KM
Day 13 Log Wadebridge to Land's End11/07/03117 KM1617 KM
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