The original donations page has been removed from the site because I have stopped trying to make my tours sponsored events.

The main reason is that, whilst the John O'Groats to Land's End tour was a leap into the unknown, it now feels somewhat fraudulent to bug people for money on the flimsy pretext that I am suffering some form of hardship; I'm really not, its far to enjoyable!

Also making a tour a sponsored event does add some pressure to complete the route exactly as described; which removes some of the freedom from the trip.

However, if you find the site useful and would like to make a donation to the National Autistic Society you can always use their donation page directly.

Alternatively have a browse around Kiva's web site which, all in all, seems to me to be an excellent way of making a difference.

I have concerns about the way microfinance interest rates operate. I can see that economies of scale must play a big part in loan finance, but I don't really understand exactly why the repayment needs to be so much higher than the original loan.

However, the fact so few loans are defaulted on (and that other forms of finance are simply not available) would seem to indicate that the system works.