I flew with Icelandair from Heathrow to Keflavik as the price was competitive and they seemed to have a reasonable baggage policy regarding bikes.

However, I was a bit miffed when the bike incurred a £35 excess baggage charge on the return journey. The plane wasn’t full so, maybe they were looking to make up on lost revenue.

I notice that their web site now specifically mentions an additional charge (in each direction) for bikes which, while not ideal, at least lets you know where you stand.

I had pre-booked my first and last night’s stay at the youth hostel in Njardvik which turned out to be a good move because Keflavik international airport is about ten miles from anywhere and the hostel offers a complimentary collection service.

The collection service meant that, after a late arrival, I wouldn’t have to concern myself with issues such as reassembling the bike until the next day.

The hostel also agreed to look after my bike bag until I got back, which was handy.

Be aware though that the hostel does not offer a return service, so you need to make your own plans about getting back to the airport for the flight home.

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Keflavik Airport Jet Nest - Magn˙s Tˇmasson