The trip improved immensely upon abandoning the notion that it was somehow possible to get right around route one and still make my flight home. 

If you are researching cycling in Iceland you may have noticed that the wind and roads are often a cause for comment and with good reason.  I have never experienced wind like Iceland's before; on one occasion, after labouring in the saddle for 8 hours on a relatively flat road, I managed a highly demoralising 93KM!  As for the roads, take a bike that has 38mm tyres and suspension (mine didn't and it was a mistake)

Despite the variable weather, impossible winds, terrible roads, absurd prices and murderous wildlife, Iceland is a fantastic country with genuinely friendly people and some of the most amazing scenery anywhere!

Most importantly, allow more time than you think you need to see it all; for a small country Iceland feels vast!

Day 1 Log Njaršvik to Hella09/07/04131 KM131 KM
Day 2 Log Hella to Vik10/07/0493 KM224 KM
Day 3 Log Vik to Skaftefell11/07/04142 KM366 KM
Day 4 Log Skaftefell to Höfn12/07/04137 KM503 KM
Day 5 Log Höfn to Akureyri13/07/040 KM503 KM
Day 6 Log Akureyri to Haukadalur15/07/040 KM503 KM
Day 7 Log Haukadalur to Hveragerši16/07/0481 KM584 KM
Day 8 Log Hveragerši to Reykjavik17/07/0453 KM637 KM
Day 9 Log Reykjavik to Njaršvik18/07/0473 KM710 KM
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