In theory this was second stage of a three part trip that was supposed to cover Europe from Nordkapp (the North Cape) to Sicily. The plan being to pickup from where last year's trip left off in Copenhagen and head south to Freiberg in Germany (for a week's break and a holiday with the family) and then onwards to Venice via the Alps.

This was my toughest tour to date. The bike was damaged on the flight over, leaving me with a limited selection of gears and the tour happened to coincide with a heat wave the like of which no-one could recall. Most of the trip took place in temperatures close to or over 40 degrees celsius (104 fahrenheit)!

Things got worse at the half way point (just south of Frankfurt) when the loss of my mobile phone, money and credit cards forced me to abandon the trip a day later at Strasbourg. It was only a total stranger's act of kindness that allowed me to get that far.

I returned to Germany in September, with the aim of completing the Freiberg to Venice portion of the tour but, once again, I was foiled by events outside of my control at the half way stage, but that's another story.

However, even if the tour wasn't a resounding success, there is much worth remembering and I am glad I did it. Es ist immer das Gleiche!

Day 1 Log K°benhaven to Fehmarn18/07/06164 KM164 KM
Day 2 Log Fehmarn to Hamburg19/07/06160 KM324 KM
Day 3 Log Hamburg to Hannover20/07/06170 KM494 KM
Day 4 Log Hannover to Kassel21/07/06169 KM663 KM
Day 5 Log Kassel to Gie▀en22/07/06124 KM787 KM
Day 6 Log Gie▀en to Mannheim23/07/06164 KM951 KM
Day 7 Log Mannheim to Strasbourg24/07/06145 KM1096 KM
Day 8 Log Strasbourg to Freiberg28/07/06109 KM1205 KM
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