2005 to Present - Reynolds 853 Custom Build
2004 to 2005 - Dawes Discovery 601

Dawes 601

With the JOGLE completed I started looking for a new bike and selected this one after reading some reviews recommending the build quality and a reasonable turn of speed, whilst being suited to casual use and touring. It also fell under the sub £500 limit I set myself in case the touring bug wore off.

The reviews were correct in most respects, but touring is not its strong point. Aluminium frames make for light bikes but you really feel every bump, so extended periods of use become uncomfortable. Possibly more of an issue is the lack of give in the frame makes the bike feel unstable with fully loaded panniers.

Whilst serving me well, the tours in Iceland and France convinced me of two things: I needed drop bars to get out of the wind and a steel frame for a smoother ride.

2003 - Peugeot Mountain Bike