Although I normally carry a tent, given the choice, I will usually opt for a real bed if it is reasonably priced.  This page contains information on some of places I have stayed that I feel obliged to mention because of the combination of service, price, location or bike friendliness.

I only list places that really make an effort and most of the places recommended are unaware I have even listed them. Hopefully you will receive the same service I did, but please let me know if you have any feedback to add.

Switzerland Swiss Hostel Daschen - Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall, 8447, Dachsen, Switzerland Highly recommended!

3 abreast bunk beds

Local Map

Contact: Swiss Hostel Daschen

Phone: +41 52 659 61 52


Web Site: Open in new window.

Again youth hostels whilst functional are not normally noted for excellence, but this one deserves a mention. It is actually situated in the Schloss overlooking Rheinfall.

It has good facilities for cyclists and is run by a host who clearly loves his work! The three abreast dormitory bunk beds were a new one on me and might be a little too close for comfort in the busy season!