London to Dover

Following on from a glorious weekend weather-wise, getting to Tower Bridge at 6AM on a cold dank Monday morning was a bit of a disappointment. Hoping for a weeks worth of good weather in early April was always a bit too optimistic anyway.

I would be cycling on this trip with my brother Neil and we needed the early start to be sure of reaching Dover on time for the ferry and to allow Jackie, my wife, time to drop us off while avoiding the congestion charge.

The need to get to Dover on time meant a lot of the day was spent on the A2, which meant the traffic was often large and uncomfortably close and the scenery pretty grim. The quality of the scenery increases as you move towards Canterbury, as does the incline on a lot of the roads!

Canterbury Cathedral

We stopped for a break at Canterbury and a few pictures of the Cathedral. The whole city is heaving with Tourists, so walking your bike around it is the only option.

The weather was rapidly becoming overcast as we moved on again, so we elected to give up on the winding country route into Dover I had prepared in favour of avoiding a soaking (and a fair number of hills) by using the A2 and just getting the job done.

By the time we arrived in Dover later in the afternoon, the weather had tired of merely being overcast and had opted for a full on fog, rendering any photo opportunity featuring the white cliffs totally pointless (I never even saw them).

Still, we had achieved our main objective, to be in Dover in plenty of time for the SpeedFerries sailing to Bolougne at 16:30. If you don't have a plan how to get across the channel I would recommend SpeedFerries, they're like the EasyJet of cross channel ferries, fast simple and cheap.

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Day:1 of 4
Date:04 April 2005
Distance:121 KM
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