Getting There (By GPS)

There is no way I am going to attempt to describe the exact route used all the way to Paris, as the sheer number of unlabeled minor roads used would render the blog pages even more tedious that they already are!

The navigation was handled by a Garmin GPSMap 60CS unit I had preloaded with about 2,000 waypoints that directed us all the way to the middle of Paris.

Although I had been using a bike mounted GPS to record track log information for more than a year at the time of this tour, this was the first time I had relied on it do the navigation was an absolute godsend!

I know that some purists frown upon GPS reliance, but I will always use one from now on. It would not have been possible to navigate such a complex route of minor roads using a normal map, particularly when picking our way through Paris.

I gained a fair amount of knowledge about a GPS for touring (not least of which was that waypoints are not the best way to navigate by bike) which came in very useful in the much longer summer tour of Scandinavia and ever since.

I have created some web pages about using a GPS for touring that, if you are new to GPS navigation, may save you some time and trouble.

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