Daschen to Vaduz - even more rain!

Today was a miserable one weather-wise, yesterday’s wettest day ever record lasted precisely one day. Zero visibility lakes, mountains shrouded in mist and a wet and indignant camera further limited the photo opportunities.

Most of the day followed Veloroute 2 which, while generally flat, well signposted and traffic free, does feature some long stretches of loosely packed gravel roads which are hard work on the legs and Areas of Repeated Saddle Engagement :-). It may have only been 150K but it felt a lot further.


I had planned to come this way to take in Bodensee (Lake Konstanz) which, in the dank conditions, did not live up to expectations. I could barely see the middle of the lake, let alone the German shoreline, funny how you always imagine these things bathed in sunshine.

The Lunchtime kebab stop had become a bit of a tradition during the tour of Germany and was again on this one. Kebabs may not be the healthiest food going but, if you are cycling 150KM a day, who cares! The fact that I was fortunate enough to enjoy the best kebab so far (from an imbiss on the main road out of town just outside Kreuzlingen) did help make up for the disappointing views out over Bodensee!

At the south-eastern corner of Bodensee Veloroute 2 follows the Rhein south and starts to cross over the Austrian and Swiss borders a few times. The impression that you are entering a valley with some very high sides is increasingly apparent. Just how high was not so obvious because of the limited visibility and low cloud cover, but the sense that there was a lot of climbing on the way is clear.

After a number of bridges crossing the Rhein between Austria and Switzerland I eventually got to cross the final bridge of the day to Liechtenstein, my first ever visit to a 'double landlocked' country, a geographical term that seems to exist purely for use in pub quiz questions.

I got to the youth hostel absolutely soaked and was pleased to find they had a large drying room but, with the entire hostel's residency having availed themselves of the facility, I seriously doubted anything would actually have dried by the morning.

Also managed to arrive just too late for the hostel's evening meal, but there was an imbiss just around the corner, so the second kebab of the day was in order. Not really a problem, with Oberalp on the schedule, I would be riding it off tomorrow for sure!

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Day:2 of 4
Date:18 September 2006
Distance:151 KM
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