The Magerøya Tunnels

One aspect of this trip I found hard to research prior to departing was information about the tunnels I would encounter when cycling from Honningsvåg to Alta so, with this in mind, I hope this page may be useful to others.

The bottom line is you will encounter five tunnels while covering the 100KM or so on the E69 between Honningsvåg and Olderfjord.  Bicycles are permitted in them all and two of them are fairly short (200mtr and 500mtr), flat and easily navigable by bike.

Opinions on whether it is actually wise to cycle the other three varied from person to person when I discussed it with the locals.  My opinion is that, as long as you have some lights, you will be okay.

Honningsvåg Tunnel - 4.5KM

Gentle climb from 5mtr at entry to 40mtr in the middle and back down again. Reasonably well lit and wide enough for traffic to pass you fairly easily.

There is a sort of hard shoulder you can use to stay out of the way of passing traffic but, if you do, beware of the road signs that protrude intermittently from the wall in front of you; they have a habit of becoming an obstruction at the most inopportune moment.

Nordkapp Tunnel - 6.9KM (Under Sea Tunnel)

This tunnel links the island of Magerøya to mainland Norway at a depth of 230 meters under the sea.

The 10% descent ensures you reach the bottom very quickly where there is just enough time to appreciate how quiet, cold and dark it is before you start the ascent to get back out which, as the climb is equally steep but longer, seems to take ages!

It is not as wide as the Honningsvåg tunnel and the slow steep climb to the exit made me really thankful that I had a flashing LED light at the back.

Skarsveg Tunnel - 3KM

My personal least favourite; possibly because, with the Nordkapp Tunnel out of the way, I thought I the tunnels were done with and was not expecting this.

This is the narrowest and most poorly lit of all the tunnels and thus was the most intimidating from a traffic avoidance point of view.

There is a sharpish climb up to the entrance that caries on once you are inside for the first half kilometre, so you are moving pretty slowly at times.

There is quite a distance between each light and some of them were not working, resulting in a number of stretches that are in total darkness.

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Honningsvåg Tunnel Nordkapp Tunnel Skarsveg Tunnel