Dierry-st-Pierre to Jours-lès-Baigneux

Another gone 11 o’clock start (from 20k behind where I hoped to be at this point) meant I effectively started today at 12 again when I got to Troyes.

I had planned this to be the the longest day in the saddle, even without the additional mileage, so getting to the next stop in Dijon was going to be quite a challenge.


Set on the river Seine and with a large selection of timber framed houses, Troyes (pronounced like the the french for three 'trois') is quite a picturesque city at its centre. It is also a fairly pleasant ride cycling both into and out of it.

The timber framed house theme continued in many of the villages for the first half of the day, they are worthy of comment as most of them appear to be quite old and some quite spectacular in size.

The route largely followed la Seine for most of the day through some very picturesque villages, any one of which I could have stopped to photograph. Those that I did manage to snap probably don't represent the best of them, but sometimes you just have to keep pedalling.

Following la Seine resulted in a route that represented a very long shallow uphill ride, with the odd short steep climb thrown in for good measure. Progress was slow and steady, but Dijon was becoming an increasingly unlikely looking target.

However, as a destination, Dijon became a moot point because the day was cut short upon discovering that the hotel had given away our room and there was nothing else anywhere nearby available. We ended up staying in a basic, but very friendly, guest house about 50K short of Dijon.

With 50K to make up and the climbing due to start in earnest, tomorrow would require some serious effort if I was going to make it to Champagnole.

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Day:2 of 4
Date:11 April 2006
Distance:120 KM
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