Jours-lès-Baigneux to Champagnole

This was supposed to be a shorter day, but two days of falling behind demanded a 7:30 start to get the first 30k back to the guest house for breakfast.

It felt good when I was back at the breakfast table, but not so much actually out in the cold, battling strong winds and pouring rain.

A steep climb immediately after breakfast was not the most pleasant restart, but passed soon enough an meant there would be a long descent into Dijon, the start of which was a rapid drop into val de suzon, a nice taster for what will come in the alps.

Aside from a few villages the next 40k was pancake flat with the wind on my back. It was not the most scenic route but, at 80K things, were feeling pretty easy. Then the sun disappeared, the heavens opened and suddenly the wind was in my face and things slowed down a lot.


The weather was still appalling when I got to Dole, which is a real shame, because it looks a lovely place, even through half closed eyes against driving rain. Thankfully, not long out of Dole, the rain eased off again and I was able to observe just how positively mountainous the horizon sudenly seemed!

With 40K to go the climb up and beyond Abois started, slow and steady, but by now the sun was back and it was really enjoyable. The descent into Champagnole was not the hair raising event I had hoped for, but meant the next day started at a higher altitude than expected and, in theory, a shorter climb up Savinne than I had planned.

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Day:3 of 4
Date:12 April 2005
Distance:175 KM
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