Llanymynech to Monmouth

Unfortunately Llanymynech will forever be characterised by the guest house we had the misfortune to select; which was amongst the worst I have ever visited. The accommodation itself was passable, but why the landlady chooses to subject herself to the trials of daily human contact when it is patently the cause of much discomfort is beyond me.

Okay, with that off my chest perhaps I should mention something about cycling.

The early part of the day roughly followed the route of Offa's Dyke and I wasted quite a bit of time a stopping every time I thought I could get a picture of it for my daughter who was studying the Saxons at school.

However, Offa's Dyke path is the preserve of ramblers and, as the picture below attests, I never managed a photo of any dyke shape object that wouldn’t be more satisfactorily labelled ‘a small hill’.

View from Offa's Dyke

The first half of the day (A483 to Buttington, B4388 to Montgomery then the B4385 to Lientwardine via Bishop's Castle) was spent mainly on quite roads punctuated by some picturesque villages. We stopped for lunch at probably the most picturesque of all by the river at Lientwardine where we then joined the A4110 to Hereford.

The A4110 is fairly quite for an A road and allowed us to catch up a little on the time wasted searching for photo opportunities earlier, but we still got to Hereford much later in the day than anticipated with Monmouth still 20 miles and a serious hill away.

As the A49 out of Hereford is quite busy and it was knocking-off time for most people we tried to use smaller roads to avoid the rush hour traffic, which worked well until we missed a turning around Much Birch to get onto the A466. Our detour meant another we joined at St Weonards much further down than expected and even further behind schedule.

We finally got to Monmouth at about 8PM, which may not sound that late but, by the time you find the guest house, shower, change and find somewhere to eat, getting to sleep (and thus giving your legs a rest) ends up being very late in the day.

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Day:9 of 13
Date:07 July 2003
Distance:140 KM
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