Carcans to Nerac

175K was some effort today, especially as I was ready to stop at 50!

This was not my wettest day on a bike but it is easily my wettest ever start to a day. The Patron of the Auberge could not believe that I was actually going to venture out, let alone ride a bike. Despite being fully waterproof, I was soaked through in about ten minutes!

Photo opportunities suffered as a result, as I didn’t dare take the camera out of the bag.

Bordeaux looked like it could have been nice from the glimpses I managed to catch from below the sodden, dripping peak of my cap, as did the countless chateaus and endless vineyards encountered after crossing La Giron.

Things did improve weather wise, as the day wore on, with the sun making increasingly determined attempts to shine and even succeeding late on in afternoon.

Being a Monday most of the shops were closed and there had been few opportunities to refuel along the way and, by the time I reached a boulongerie just opening for the evening at 100K, I was starving.

I managed to woof down a jambon and a poulett batton, as well as half an Orange & Lemon cake that tasted every bit as good as it looked when causing me to salivate while standing in the queue to be served.

I had not planned for this to be a 175K day; I was actually looking to stop from 130K onwards, but the few opportunities to stop that did crop up along the way were either closed or full.

I had actually begun looking for a place to wild camp when the GPS suggested the Hotel du Château Nerac was 5K away, so I decided to give the hunt for a warm bed one last try and this proved to be a good move. For 33€ I got a huge room with a balcony and the 12.50€ menu meal was excellent!

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Day:5 of 15
Date:23 July 2007
Distance:175 KM
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