Barcelona to St Felu de Guixols

A fair part of the morning was spent picking my way out of Barcelona. It took ages mainly due to the cursed traffic light phasing again. I am ashamed to say that frustration got the better of me and I took to jumping a couple of the pedestrian sets that were red for no reason.

The rest of the morning was spent on the main road that follows the coast which was a bit of a disappointment as, for the most part, any possible scenic aspect is blocked by the railway that runs right beside the road.

The main road was undergoing major improvements which meant I was the cause of some long lines of slow moving traffic in the many contra-flow sections. However, in a pleasant contrast to the UK, no-one got aggressive or complained.

By Calella I had had enough of the traffic and departed from my planned route when the opportunity to follow smaller beach-front roads presented itself. The worked out nicely until just short of Blanes when every road seemed to end at a camp site.

I managed to avoid tracking back about 10KM by pushing the bike across the dried up bed of the La Tordera. Finding this ‘shortcut’ wasted a fair chunk of time and obviously comes with no guarantee of future availability.

Blanes marks the official start of the Costa Brava region, something that had not occurred to me while planning the tour. Whilst Blanes itself is a reasonably picturesque town the next stop, Lloret de Mar, is pure tourist hell!

It seemed strange to suddenly be cycling past multi-story concrete block hotels that, to my eyes, looked like prison camps from a bygone era; yet, strangely, still chock full of package holiday inmates.

I was quite relieved to be leaving town, until I noticed the uphill inclination the road seemed to indicate it wanted to take!

The tough little 200 meter climb and descent into Tossa de Mar marks the start of what I came to regard as a coastal roller coaster; whereby each resort is punctuated with a 50 to 100 meter climb and descent.

It was hard work, in the baking hot sun, but much more rewarding than the earlier part of the day. The coastal resorts were of the small and quiet variety and the cliff top views were superb.

I spent 30KM on the roller coaster before I began to consider where I might stop for the night. In what now seems a blindingly obvious oversight now, I had not considered that finding a bed for the night on the Costa Brava in July might prove a little tricky.

After a couple of fruitless enquiries at small hotels, I decided to stop at the next camp site I encountered; which turned out to be in Sant Feliu de Guixols where a single pitch cost 30 Euros per night!

"Well the site does offer a lot of facilities.... and it would have worked out cheaper if I stayed longer" the receptionist was keen to inform me, I suspect, in response to the astonished look on my face.

Typical cliff top view

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Day:11 of 15
Date:30 July 2007
To:St Felu
Distance:122 KM
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