Bourne End to St Malo

Having never started a tour from my front door before, it took a while to get used to the fact that I was actually touring and, as the early part of the day was on familiar roads, I didn’t stop for a photo break until quite late in the day.

There was one constant reminder that this was not simply an extended local loop: the weight of the bike. I usually find the first day of a tour really hard on the legs and so it proved to be this time.

The route itself was quite a nice ride. I had chosen to avoid the shortest distance in favour of reduced traffic and it worked out well, with most of the day on quiet roads. I didn’t see a car for over an hour at one point!

However, hills and wind there were a plenty and progress was slow.

To anyone who may be following; just after Rotherwick a 1KM section of the route uses an unmade road which narrowed to a wheel grabbing muddy track in the middle. It would probably have been okay if it not for all the recent rain.

I had left it until pretty late in the day to leave and was probably a bit too preoccupied with the time to enjoy the ride fully. However, this probably worked out for the best in the end, as bikes are just about the last thing on the ferry and getting there early would have simply resulted in a very long wait.

The ship itself seems huge! I watched it swallow row upon row of cars, caravans, coaches and lorries and it still looked empty when I got to ride through it. I decided to reserve a cabin which was small, but assured a good night's sleep without someone making off with all my stuff.

After a few outward bound photos on the aft deck, dinner was of the cheap and cheerful variety beneath the telly showing the Le Tour on Eurosport.

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Day:1 of 15
Date:18 July 2007
From:Bourne End
To:St Malo
Distance:120 KM
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