2005 to Present - Reynolds 853 Custom Build
2004 to 2005 - Dawes Discovery 601
2003 - Peugeot Mountain Bike

Peugeot Mountain Bike

Selected because completing a JOGLE was all about achieving a life's ambition, rather than enjoying a bike tour, and using anything other than my cheap and cheerful ten year old mountain bike just did not occur to me.

Before 2003 I had not cycled more than 30 miles in a day, so 75 every day for two weeks was completely outside of my experience. I really never expected to get bitten by the touring bug.

The rack had to be attached using 'P' clips, but it held firm for the entire trip and is the only piece of equipment that has been used on every tour since.

Upon considering the effort that was going to be required I did manage two concessions to efficiency: slick tyres and clipless pedals.  However, I do look back and smile when think how much easier I could have made the trip on myself.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.