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Welcome to the web site

From lowly beginnings, as a single web page that helped raise a few quid for a charity jogle (cycle ride from John O'Groats to Land's End) in 2003, this site has grown into something that I hope will be of benefit to a wider audience.

Enquire within upon everything

Well, everything of a cycle touring nature that happens to relate to the places I have visited on the map opposite!

Should the routes shown be of interest then there is some useful information (blogs, route profiles, interactive maps, photographs and GPS track logs) available for those prepared to investigate further.

A lot of additional cycling related information has been added in response to feedback from visitors, so if you need any further information (or have any insight that may be useful) then please let me know.

I hope you enjoy the site!



John O'Groats to Land's End Around Iceland London to Paris Nordkapp to Copenhagen Paris to Geneva Copenhagen to Freiberg Basle to Bellinzona Home to the Rhône via Barcelona
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My first tour and the reason the web site was set up in the first place. It was an unforgettable trip of a thousand miles on a pair of poorly equipped mountain bikes that raised over £1,500 for the National Autistic Society.
The trip improved immensely upon abandoning the notion that it was somehow possible to get right around route one and still make my flight home. Allow more time than you think you need to see it all; for a small country Iceland feels vast!
Despite the less than perfect weather and near constant headwinds this was a really enjoyable trip. Every single person we met was exceptionally helpful and the courtesy extended to us as cyclists was amazing.
The original plan was to cover Scandinavia from Nordkapp to Copenhagen with a long stretch along Sweden's east coast. However, safety concerns resulted in a hastily arranged detour along Finland's west coast.
An Easter holiday mini-tour extending last year's London to Paris trip onto Geneva. Once again the weather was what you might expect in April, with the added bonus of snow and freezing rain in the Jura region.
My toughest tour to date. The bike was damaged on the flight over and the tour happened to coincide with a heat wave the like of which no-one could recall. Most of the trip took place in temperatures close to or over forty degrees celsius!
An injury hit tour, largely following Veloroute 2 (the Rhein Route) from Basel past Rheinfall, Bodensee, Lichtenstein and Chur to Andermatt via Oberalp pass, then over St Gotthard pass and onto the Italian border.
My first tour without a firm objective. I knew I wanted to start from my front door and meet up with my family somewhere in the Ardèche. Barcelona seemed like a reasonable intermediate destination, but the rest was pretty much à la carte.